Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween try-outs

Goblin 2.0


Goblin Eats Gator

Row-gator moves to retaliate.

Kiki of the long blonde hair.

Kiki as an 80's club-goer.

Scott's guitar goes to 11.

Korean Venus?

Goblin 1.0

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Pretty Good Sunday

A Sunday that started very slow. Lurching for my coffee. Sitting in the same chair for four hours. Then something happened.

Mid-afternoon, after the very mentally soothing activity of cataloging my music collection, I got inspired somehow to do a quickie painting exercise.

It started well.

Then something overtook me.

And I should have walked away, but didn't. (That's yarn imbedded on it.)

And before I knew it, I had to leave to go see GIRLYMAN. Yay!!!

Then backstage to get my CD signed!

They were awesome!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sweater. No name, nothing more to say.

My "seamless" sweater from start:

To Almost Finish (minus buttons)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


A few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for sugarless Kool-aid powder. Kool-aid, it turns out, is a really easy (and relatively non-toxic) way of dyeing yarn or any other kind of animal fiber (including your own hair, by the way).

However, after much hunting in bodegas and supermarkets, it's nowhere to be found near Park Slope, Brooklyn. So I went onto my knitting forums and found a woman willing to give me her stash of Kool-aid that she didn't need anymore. (She bought them out of the state.)

Lovely woman that she was, she also threw in a couple of skeins of undyed yarn and a mass of unspun, undyed fiber (white). This last weekend, I finally got around to dyeing the fleece with so-so success:

The red dyed fleece became this:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2008: Year of the Sweater

I've decided to set a challenge to myself:
- make mostly adult sweaters this year
- use only yarn I already have
- improvise the pattern for all (or at least heavily modify existing template)

So far, I've completed two:

But I'm having a little trouble getting going on my next one. The thing with yarns is that regardless of what YOU want it to do, it will do only what is in its nature to do. Or so I've learned.

Aborted idea #1: Summer sweater, kimono-style sleeves, empire waist using existing cotton/rayon green yarn. And it started off looking promising:

But I think the fabric will be too stiff for a light summer sweater. I'm going to have to use a different needle size to make the fabric more flowy. So this one is hibernating in my WiP pile.

Next. Aborted idea #2: Aran saddle-sleeve cabled cardigan using yarn given to me by a friend.

Initial test patches looked good, but as I started knitting the actual piece, the delicacy of the yarn started to both me. If you give the yarn a good tug, it breaks in two. That's not good for a sweater that's made up of lots and lots of twists and cables, all of which pull and tug this way and that.

In the end, I decided to pull the stitches out and start over with a less strained stitch. Only thing is that I think it's kind of boring and I'm not that excited about making it. I think maybe I need to put it down and move onto the next idea. That would make this boring stitch "Aborted idea #3".